The History Of The Community Scheme

The History of The Community Scheme

 Fund raising has now become a necessity to most clubs. One of the main ways of fundraising is to raffle bottle’s of wine or boxes of chocolates at matches and other functions, however it is generally the same parents/ supporters purchasing these and frequently re-donating them for the following home game. With the best will in the world unfortunately this is not enough.

This is where The Community Scheme was born. The idea was for the junior football clubs to come together and pool their resources, by sharing the costs of software and equipment, so junior football clubs become more viable to run. The Community Scheme also finds other external revenue through its membership scheme. The membership scheme allows members of the general public to help their local junior football club whilst also getting something out of it for themselves. The different benefits they get is a monthly magazine that contains monthly competitions and prizes as well as news about the local area and a generally nice magazine to read.

Through working alongside the Fund raising standards board, North riding FA and West Riding Fa. The community scheme has been able to grow, and with help from its members, now supports 25 different junior football teams.With the continued support of all our members and hopefully future members we are hoping to keep on growing and be able to support even more junior football clubs. As we are all very passionate about setting the youth of today onto the right path and we believe one of the greatest mediums to do this is through football.

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