China Invests in New Pitches

China is creating 20,000 new school football pitches and training facilities by 2017, with the aim of developing 100,000 new players. The ultimate goal is for China to bid for, host, and win the World Cup.

I wonder if some of this money has come from the UK to promote football in China?

Unfortunately back here in the UK we seem to have a reverse trend Schools selling land/pitches to raise funds. Councils giving notice to grass roots clubs that the site is to be developed. Some use the back door method and increase fees to price the land into disuse.

I believe that now is the time for the FA to have a grass roots voluntary group, to administer the funding for grass roots football and the sole interest in grass roots football.

This would automatically increase funding as there would be no sudden large pay increases as the posts would be voluntary.


Just a thought from a novice who tries to support the game we love, whilst we have it.

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