Ossett Town Energy Comparison Site Now Live

Save £££s on your energy bills and earn Ossett Town AFC commission

If you have been to a town or city centre recently, you have probably been hijacked on the high street by commission-hungry salespeople trying to get you to sign up to their energy company on the promise of stellar savings and free lightbulbs. It can be a tad annoying.

Most will agree that they prefer to compare everyone’s prices together in one place in order to find the best deal.

Which is where we come in.
Ossett Town Football Club can now offer you access to the entire gas and electricity market tariffs through our fundraising partners at the Community Scheme. And if you sign up through our portal the Club will earn commission.

It’s an easy and painless way to save you money and make our Club a bit of commission;

1. Click HERE to compare the energy companies current tariffs (they change regularly)
2. Pick the best looking deal and save yourself £££s
3. That’s it! Done! You just saved on your energy bills and earned Ossett Town some commission.

It really is that simple.
On occasion, you may find that the tariffs on offer are the same or similar to your current deal. That’s because you are more than likely already on the best tariff available. However, if you are due to renew, please consider using our portal because even if your bill remains the same, the Club will still benefit from the extra commission.

The more customers that use our comparison, the more commission the Club makes so please share this page with your friends and family.

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