E-Brochures and E-Magazines:

E-Magazines or digital publications are a rapidly growing industry that is revolutionising the way people view and take in content. Even though the idea of online magazines has been around since the birth of PDF’s its only over the last few years that the real popularity of interactive online magazines has truly made it a fantastic business to be in.

There are several reasons why E-Magazines are the perfect way to get your organisations content out to your audience but here are a few major reasons:

Better Engagement:

If you imagine the best magazine you have ever read, with its fantastic colours, images and content and how much you enjoyed reading that magazine. Now imagine that magazine having videos embedded into it, animations, hyperlinks and being completely portable. That’s what an E-Magazine is, it’s all the benefits of a paper magazine combined with the power of technology.

Cross-platform optimisation:

The major reason why an E-Magazine is so portable and therefore more likely to be read is because it can be viewed on any device! From your smartphone on a morning to your PC or Tablet at work, an E-Magazine can be read and enjoyed anytime anywhere. Without getting screwed up in the bottom of your bag!

Speed of distribution:

This cross-platform optimisation combined with modern methods of communication means that you can distribute the E-Magazine to your audience virtually instantaneous without having to worry about the printing, transportation to your audience as well as all of the other factors you have to consider when using a printed magazine. The pièce de résistance of the E-Magazine is that it can be read anywhere in the world for no extra cost, which means you are no longer limited to those extremely high shipping costs!

The Cost:

One of the main reasons why organisations don’t produce a magazine, even though from a marketing aspect it’s a hidden goldmine, is due to the cost. The cost of paper, ink, distribution, can easily run into thousands of pounds before your customer even picks up the magazine! And that’s if s/he even receives it! This is where the E-Magazine comes into its own as there are no distribution costs. Once you have paid for the E-Magazine to be created, there are no hidden costs, this will most likely save you thousands of pounds, if not more!

So, the E-Magazine has all the benefits of a paper magazine, combined with all of the benefits of technology. Its interactive and can be viewed across multiple channels. It does not matter where in the world your audience is and to top it all of it is generally cheaper than a paper alternative. If this hasn’t convinced you that an E-magazine is far superior for your business than a paper based one, then this might:

One of the hardest aspects of a paper based magazine, and one which is a necessity for your business, is to measure who is reading the magazine and when. This can be

virtually impossible to do in a normal magazine, that is why organisations put in call to actions and discount codes in their magazines to measure how many people read their magazine and how much of the magazine they read.

This is again something that the E-Magazine excels at! Currently we can measure how many people have read the E-Magazine and the journey they went through to read it. With the way technology is rapidly improving, it will not be long before we can see how long each person looks at a page and which pages they look at first!

There are numerous studies and reports that have consistently proven the positive correlation between an organisation’s growth and a successful E-Magazine. Now it’s time for you to reap the rewards of an interactive E-Magazine with a free consultation!

Have a look at some examples:   20th anniversary E-Magazine we created for Laura Crane An example of fundraising E-Magazine that we created for a Football Club

E-Brochures and E-Magazines: E-Magazines or digital publications are a rapidly growing industry that is revolutionising the way people view and take in content. Even though the idea of online magaz…


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