Lack of Funding for Junior Clubs

Junior football creates an opportunity for young children to play football which results in healthier and fitter children, but junior football also helps to develop the life skills of the children playing football. These are life skills such as communication, team work and understanding other people which will really help them to become wonderful adults in the future.

Funding and grants can make a real difference to junior football, enabling junior football teams to access football kits, places to practice and play football, getting their volunteer caches qualified and the other fees that are including in creating and running a junior football team.

It is disappointing to confirm that there is a huge lack of funding when it comes to junior football clubs and this has left some junior football clubs with no option other than to stop playing, to lose their practice grounds or to not gain the necessary skills they need to play a good game of football against other teams.

Sport England has recently cut FA funding by £1.6million due to a decline in grassroots football due to a sharp decline in people playing football. Football is an amazing skill for children to learn and a great pastime they can play with friends in their local area.

With a lack of funding for junior football you are risking children heading back inside their homes to watch TV, play computer games and use electronic devices which will result in a lack of life skills and an unhealthy lifestyle. This is why a lack of funding for junior football is so important, so children can stay fit and healthy while learning essential life skills.

Reports show that there are 1.84 million people in England that play football for at least 30 minutes every week; this is a fall of 100,000 when compared to last year. Sport England have said that the FA could lose 20% of its funding if they fail to stop the fall in numbers by 2017 and if we can gain the essential funding for junior football then we can help to continue this funding, helping to make England great at football again.

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