Is winning games more important than enjoyment?

Sports play a great role in our life as it not only entertains us but also keeps us active. Besides sport contribute a lot to maintain our physical and mental well-being. We can relate to numerous reasons why people involve in sport but the sole purpose of playing games is ‘having fun’.

This may sound a bit odd as we are living in a time when competition has become a part and parcel in every aspect of our life that, whenever we think of any kind of sport – we cannot but have the think ‘Who is the best?’ In addition to that, winning plays a crucial role in entertaining us. Hence it apparently seems that winning games is very important regardless of how much we enjoyed the game.

However if we indulge in a deeper thought than we will find that winning is not as important as we thought and enjoyment is much more valuable whether we win or not. For instance, let’s think when do people start playing games and why? The reply is – we start playing from our childhood and many of us didn’t have the understanding of winning or losing when we started.

Actually playing a game itself is a fun whether we win or lose the game. It is not fun only when you win. In sports, there is always one winner, but that does not mean that the opponent have not enjoyed the game. A study was conducted among ten thousand junior high and high school students where they were asked to list top 12 reasons for participating in sports. At the top of the list was ‘to have fun’ and ‘winning’ was ranked 8th.

Another recent study by researchers reported similar results where 9 of 10 kids said “fun” is the main reason for participating in games. When a choice is given between fun and winning, most would select having fun and they would rather play on a losing team than sit on the bench of a winning team. Most people continue to play, regardless of level of their ability if he or she is having fun.

Sometimes winning can be very boring. How? When there is no competition playing becomes very dull and people usually stop playing when it feels too boring. Many of us even wouldn’t participate in a game when it is evident that there will be no competition. If winning was so important than we should be interested more in such a match. But in reality neither do we want to play such a game nor do we want to watch it.

A tough contest makes a game most entertaining. Both the winning team and the opponent are happy to be a part of that. The thrill in the game is a source of immense pleasure not only for the players but also the viewers. Because of that enjoyment is much more important in sport than winning.

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