cpr children

The strong need to understand vividly all about CPR skills, technique and training should be embraced as early as possible. Parent should make up their minds to get skills and training of CPR across to the youth on time.

According to the research by experts on the CPR discovered that:

Children who are as young as 9 can learn and retain the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) even though their physical strength may pose limits on their effectiveness not with understanding.

Really, young age does not in anyway limit the learning of CRP cognitive skills any where in the world, but lack of physical strength may prevent such opportunity to be involved to early.

Today 80% of cardiac arrest court attacks and related emergencies happen when parent are at home with their off-springs. In such a situation, children who are skilled in CPR can be the savor.  Simply because, CPR is a life saving technique. Teaching your child CPR teaches them to save a life today or soonest.

News abounds across the nation about how young boys using CPR to save parents, other children, and people in serious need of help when in comma.

I read the story A boy from Teesside who saved his mother’s life after being taught CPR at school says it’s a lesson everyone should learn.

Tyler Irish from Thornaby initially said he found the first aid lesson in class ‘boring’ but just weeks later he had to use the vital skills he’d picked up.

He was able to tell his Dad how to do CPR when his mother collapsed. 12-year-old Tyler was given a special award today by his school.

If it wasn’t for him doing it then I wouldn’t be here. Wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for him. He’s done good.

– Donna Thomas, Tyler’s mother

The hospital were saying who had done the CPR and as soon as I told them they said whoever done that has done amazingly cos she was very close. You know…and whoever did it, did well.

– Graeme Irish, Tyler’s father

CPR and lifesaving training skill stays with you for life. Therefore, teaching a child about CPR is simply equipping them to face further emergency early enough. “Be prepared” like the Boy Scout motto. Parents should build their children in preparation for the future. However, in giving CPR training for your child, make sure that you engaged the services of certified CPR instructors. It is common practice these days that knowledge update is encouraged for CPR instructors.

No wonder that refresher courses periodically (or every two years) recommended for most organizations that teach CPR to keep skills sharp and learn about any latest changes in the methodology, and to support better ways that help strengthen muscle memory.

In addition, your child have the ample chance to learn and acquire necessary CPR skills and training by becoming member of any of these recognized organization or group in the society such as:

Heartstart Training courses – Free

St John Ambulance

Boy Scouts

Girl Guides

For instance, in support of the need for CPR skills among the citizen many schools across the United States, UK, and elsewhere   do provide training CPR courses for the young ones and first Aid training to youth and children.

According to the American Heart Association- children as young as nine to ten years old can learn and retain CPR training any where in the world. The only constrain is that many of tender age do not yet have the strength or ability to perform an adequate or appropriate chest compression on an adult. However, learning this life skill early enough will be a sound preparation and will definitely stick with them for life.

These days, heart attack is common at home in the society. Parents are not exempted. If it does happen, a child around may serve as the rescue angel provided such a boy or girl has being well trained the skills of CPR, Rescue Breathing or chest compression CPR.

There are countless incidents of young people performing CPR first aid or making the best utilization of other emergency training skills to save a life sometimes years or even decades later as they sojourn in the world.

You never know or tell when they might come across a terrible car accident or emergency that will put their CPR skills to the test.

To be Candidate, exposing children to CPR training at young age around 9-10 years old by parents or guardian is good exposure. Teaching your child CPR teaches them to save life and those skills will stay with them for life.

CPR is a life saving technique for both the teens and teenagers who desire to build a good foundation for the future in the area of safety and rescue mission.

Therefore, catch them young. Teach your child about CPR.

You may be doing yourself a good favor for taking such timely decision.


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