Join Our Team

As we do more work for various clubs we are always looking for full and part time workers to assist with the Community Scheme.


Agents are required to help deliver club newsletters. All agents are looked on very highly at The Community Scheme as without them there would be no link between the clubs and the members. As agents are highly prized they are paid very good commission for a few hours work. Commissions are very generous depending on the collection rates.


Membership Builders are required to introduce new members to the various clubs. Without Membership Builders/Canvassers the support would dwindle and die. We continually look for good membership builders to assist in the growth of local clubs.


Advertising Executives are required to help promote the clubs through the local area. They help introduce local retailers and club members to each other via a monthly discount booklet or newsletter. These are then delivered by our Agent network.

Please click here for an application form

We are currently recruiting membership builders for more information please contact 0800 357 9008

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