The Cost of Linesman and Referees for the Junior Game

Depending on the level or stage, referees and linesmen can earn a
little or a lot for officiating match in UK.
Amateur referees in the United Kingdom work on a game-by-game
basis. Their match fee is dependant seriously on the local football
association. For instance, pay is usually between £20 and £40 per game.
This is according to Minor Sports report findings recently published.
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The lack of funding for grass roots football

Grass roots football is where the love of the beautiful game begins; it is that magic place in a young player’s mind where he dreams of being the next Ronaldo, Messi or hang on where are the English names in the list??? That is the trouble, Grass Roots Football has for far too many years been close to neglected and funding has dwindled for some … Continue reading The lack of funding for grass roots football

What is the North Riding FA?

Based in Stokesley, the NRCFA aims to establish safe and structured football opportunities for the benefit of all concerned irrespective of age, colour, gender and disability. We also provide the appropriate structures and systems to enable the Association to control, manage, regulate and promote the game within the North Riding area. This enables us to assist with the development of the game at all levels, ensuring we are able to increase the quality and quantity of participation across the various sections of participation.


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