The Cost of Linesman and Referees for the Junior Game

Depending on the level or stage, referees and linesmen can earn a
little or a lot for officiating match in UK.
Amateur referees in the United Kingdom work on a game-by-game
basis. Their match fee is dependant seriously on the local football
association. For instance, pay is usually between £20 and £40 per game.
This is according to Minor Sports report findings recently published.
The semi-professional level referees are usually paid around £80 per game Continue reading The Cost of Linesman and Referees for the Junior Game

The History Of The Community Scheme

The History of The Community Scheme

 Fund raising has now become a necessity to most clubs. One of the main ways of fundraising is to raffle bottle’s of wine or boxes of chocolates at matches and other functions, however it is generally the same parents/ supporters purchasing these and frequently re-donating them for the following home game. With the best will in the world unfortunately this is not enough. Continue reading “The History Of The Community Scheme”